Administrative Assistant

…. Annie can multi-task, has strong written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to maintain confidentiality.

You may not need full-time assistance, but everyone can use help with administrative tasks occasionally. Whether getting the annual Christmas letter typed and mailed, putting together a resume, organizing tax paperwork, perhaps setting up a file system or getting your one-person office organized, whether home based or in an executive complex.

Maybe you are that Super Mom raising a family while running a home-based business and need to get an advertising campaign out quarterly. If you are hosting an event or doing a presentation for a large group and need someone to assist with a variety of tasks, Annie has a strong Administrative and Retail Sales Background, which lends itself nicely to a wide variety of projects.

Photo of Annie on Administrative Tasks

Administrative Tasks Performed

  • Virtual/Remote Assistance
  • Conducting Research and Fact Gathering
  • Reviewing Insurance / Medical Paperwork
  • Small Bill Pay
  • Document Courier
  • Event Assistance-Check Ins, Registrations, Product Demonstrations
  • File Systems and Filing
  • Word Processing (aka typing) Documents
  • Correspondence – Personal or Professional, Holiday or Year Round
  • Custom Thank-You Cards (a specialty of hers)
  • Creating Forms
  • Resumes
  • Data Entry
  • Excel Spreadsheets (basic)
  • Coordinating Office Activities
  • Ordering Vendor or Office Supplies
  • Running Errands
  • Preparing for Meetings
  • Coordination of Food/Beverage for Meetings
  • Marketing Campaign Assistance
  • Copies
  • Preparing Mail
  • Virtual/Remote Assistance
  • Making or Answering Calls
  • Setting Appointments
  • Recording Messages
  • Attending Meetings

messy office

Are you a business owner or professional that doesn’t feel as efficient as you could be because your office is not well organized?

Are you keeping old cable bills from a home you lived in 10 years ago? It’s time to go through your files and purge the unnecessary and file the current. Annie can help you get the paper piles off your surfaces and into a filing system so you can find that elusive car title, report card or insurance card that you’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for.

Annie has problem-solving skills, planning, organizing, interpersonal skills, adaptability, stress tolerance, and is detail oriented. She can multitask, has strong written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to maintain confidentiality and use discretion in matters when required.

So why not surprise your staff and take them out to lunch, knowing your office is in good hands for an hour or two. Email or call All About Services by Annie to talk over your needs and see how she can help.