Annie’s Philosophy
free up your time

I have a passion for helping others.
Whether providing care support, home support, or office support, I will help you resolve problems, help organize systems to ease chaos, care for your home and animals in your absence as if they were my own, or just provide you a shoulder to lean on in tough, transitional times, keeping your best interest at heart at all times.

Who can you delegate these tasks to in order to free up your time to focus on the more important details?
I am here for you!

Photo of Annie on Administrative Tasks
Why Choose Annie?
free up your time
  • Administration skills

  • Business Management experience

  • Sales & Customer Service experience

  • Retail Ownership know-how

  • Common sense approach

Not One to Sit Idle

Annie can be found at a variety of charity events volunteering her time, when she’s not enjoying time with nieces and nephews, friends, or busy rubber stamping, reading, bicycling, or trying her hand at photography and traveling.

Annie Baking
Annie Stamp
Annie on bicycle
Annie with village children