Personal Assistant: “A Second You

…. Annie with All About Services comes with outstanding references and is licensed and bonded.

Today’s lifestyles are far too hectic to get everything done yourself. The idea of being a supermom or superdad is simply a myth, just like the misconception that if you don’t have kids you have endless free time. The reality is you work hard for what you have, and your free time should be spent recharging your batteries and enjoying life. That’s where All About Services by Annie comes in.

Annie is much more than an errand person. She is someone who becomes a “second you,” a person who fully understands the way you work and accomplishes tasks exactly the way you would do them. So when you say “I need to arrange a vacation to Maui”, Annie knows which airline you want to fly, where you want to stay, what you want to see, and so on.

All About Services by Annie is structured to give you the flexibility you need to enjoy life! Your needs are unique. We will work together to create a service plan and pricing structure that fits your individual requirements and ultimately end up saving you both time and money. Both hourly and monthly packages are available.

So if you have ever thought… “I wish my life were simpler!”
That’s what Annie does!

Home Organizing


Expired medications, old soap, hair products that never worked like they promised…is this your bathroom? Annie will help remove the clutter and make your bathroom the peaceful sanctuary it should be.

Pantries & Closets

Got expired canned or baking goods or perhaps you want to find a whole new wardrobe waiting for you in the depths of your closet? Annie can help you organize the spice rack and kitchen pantry to make food prep and baking fun again or go through and tidy linen or bedroom closets to make getting dressed each day a breeze.


Whether you park your car or your stuff here, Annie can help you keep it tidy so your garage can be more than a dumping ground for everything that doesn’t have a home.

Kids Rooms

Kids are messy, but they can be taught how to be more organized! Are you tired of picking clothes, toys and even food off the floor of your child’s room? Annie can find simple ways to help your child maintain their room so you don’t have to see a disaster zone every time you walk past their room.


Convenience in the kitchen is a must! From the take-out menu drawer to the spice rack, Annie can help create a functional flow in your kitchen so you can cook and entertain with ease. Living Areas (Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Playrooms) Simplification is the key to peace of mind. When your living space is cluttered your mind and body don’t have a place to retreat. Annie can help you make your home comfortable so you can feel at ease in your personal space.

Storage Areas

Storing doesn’t have to mean ‘hiding’! Annie can help you organize the everyday items as well as the ones rarely used, so you can find what you need when you need it.

date night arrangements
A Night Out on the Town
Let Annie arrange your:
  • Dinner reservations
  • Concert tickets
  • Movie tickets
  • Special events tickets
  • Dry cleaning pickup
  • Flowers and chocolate
carpet cleaning
Meet Your Service Providers
Let Annie greet your service provider:
  • Plumber
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Landscaper
  • Housekeeper
  • Pest control technician
  • Appliance installer
car repair
Vehicle Services
Let Annie take your car in:
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Oil changes
  • Repairs
  • Emissions
  • Car washes
  • Wait in line at the DMV
Travel Planning
Travel Planning
Let Annie arrange your travel:
  • Travel destination research
  • Airline arrangements
  • Hotel reservations
  • Car rental
  • Vacation rentals
  • Packing assistance
Event planner
Event Planning
Let Annie plan your event:

  • Event set up
  • Registration
  • Serving
  • Bartending
  • Break down
  • Clean up
Travel Companion
Senior Companion
Let Annie attend with you:
  • Funerals
  • Social engagements
  • Special events
  • Plane flight
  • Grocery shopping
  • Shopping assistance
mother assistant
Rock the Baby
Let Annie take care of the baby while mom:
  • Goes to the gym
  • Takes a shower
  • Gets a much needed nap
  • Gets nails polished
  • Goes to the hair salon
  • Goes shopping
Life Story
Leave a Legacy
Let Annie bring your legacy to life:
  • Ask questions
  • Record life story
  • Transcribe notes
  • Organize photos
  • Type story
  • Send to family
meal delivery
Meal Delivery
Let Annie deliver a meal:
  • Pick up & deliver meal
  • Restaurant run
  • Donut runs
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cook your meal
  • Dinner companion
... Seeking someone to Assistant Services for your business?
Assistant for the Busy Professional

You may not need a full-time employee, but every business can use help with administrative tasks occasionally. Annie can help you whether it is getting the annual Christmas letter typed and mailed, quarterly advertising campaigns, organizing tax paperwork, perhaps setting up a file system or getting your one-person office organized, whether home based or in an executive complex.

If you are hosting an event or doing a presentation for a large group and need someone to assist with a variety of tasks, Annie has an extensive business background and eye for detail, organization and logistics. Annie thrives on solving problems creatively and efficiently with compassion, common-sense and a smile. Her strong administrative, customer service, hospitality and sales background lends itself nicely to a wide variety of projects.

Assistant for Businesses

Annie has problem-solving skills, planning, organizing, interpersonal skills, adaptability, stress tolerance, and is detail oriented. She can multi-task, has strong written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to maintain confidentiality and use discretion in matters when required.

So why not surprise your staff and take them out to lunch, knowing your office is in good hands for an hour or two. Email or call All About Services by Annie to talk over your needs and see how she can help.


Data Entry
Form Creation


Answering Calls
Virtual Assistance




Bank Services
Post Office
Document Courier
Small Bill Pay